Chiropractic has definitely helped.  Now, I have more energy, flexibility, no signs of tendonitis, digestive or circulation problems.  Headaches and vision blurs are gone.  There is less muscle soreness and sleep is excellent!

Youlanda S.

Ann N. came to see Dr Hyland to get relief of her neck, low back and foot pain.  Some of the problems were the result of several car accidents (about 10 years earlier) and a recent jogging injury.  She had previously tried physical therapy and acupuncture, yet the results were not long lasting.  Ann had been prescribed muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories, pain medications and steroids for nearly ten years to help manage the pains she was experiencing.

Ann has been receiving chiropractic care for over a year now and notes that there is a tremendous difference.  She has even stopped taking all medications after nearly ten years of faithful use.  Currently she only comes for periodic visits to keep from having flare-ups.

Ann says, “Chiropractic has made a tremendous difference for me.”

Jason K. had been experiencing moderate neck and shoulder pain for two years.  Over those two years Jason had physical therapy from two different providers for nearly six months and regularly took naproxen for the pain.  Jason stated that he had, “some relief of symptoms experienced, but no significant sustained benefit.”

Jason received chiropractic treatments combined with a home exercise routine and topical muscle crèmes.  This approach has provided a more sustained decrease in pain and stiffness.

“Chiropractic has significantly decreased pain and improved my flexibility.”

Great Doctor!

Since starting Chiropractic, my headaches have been greatly reduced in terms of both frequency and intensity, allowing me to enjoy more time with family and friends, to work and concentrate more effectively at the same time reducing my intake of drugs and making me aware of alternative forms of treatment and maintenance.

Kevin W.

100% Better

My neck and back problems are 100% gone since I’ve been seeing a chiropractor.  My body feels like it’s performing better than before and I’ve noticed improvements in areas I didn’t have initial problems with.

Edward C.

Lisa S. woke up one day right before vacation with neck pain.  The pain was getting worse instead of better.  Ibuprofen was not even cutting the pain, so she called to make an appointment.

Lisa states, “He (Dr. Hyland) immediately got me in to see him and with only a few days to work with, he magically made my pain go away.  I had never been to a chiropractor before and was skeptical, to say the least, but now I am a true believer.”

Jamie V. sufferered with headaches, neck pain and back pain for nearly four years.  Jamie’s headaches consisted of dull pain that lasted for a week or more at a time.  None of the over-the-counter pain medications even touched the headaches.

Massage therapy sometimes help temporarily, but never really remedied the pain completely.  Now Jamie reports that her headaches go away almost instantly upon receiving a chiropractic adjustment of her neck and back.”

“I like the use of soft tissue work and chiropractic work together.  Some pain could be from muscle problems, and Dr Hyland is able to identify when soft tissue work is needed and when the problem is purely an alignment issue.”

Outstanding service

I really appreciated Dr. Hyland’s approach to treating me.  He and his staff are very caring.  When he felt I needed even more assistance, he also referred me to a sports medicine physician who also aided in my treatment.  The two offices worked together to ensure I got the best care.  I can’t say how grateful I am, nor how impressed I am with the level of care.  Nothing short of fantastic!

Michael S.

highly recommend

All of us have seen great results!  I personally found problems I did not know existed.  I feel better than I did in my late twenties.  Thank you Dr. Hyland and staff.  Our lives have been changed!

Pulley Family

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